MicroApps are a type of rather small REST applications that were designed even from the beginning of their existence with a sole purpose and that was to be integrated with other applications. In most of the cases, one does not need MicroApps on their own because they are not particularly helpful or useful. Yet, when they are integrated into other applications they can change the entire way one can make use of that application. The fact that they cannot be used without being part of another application reveals actually the main difference between these applications and the REST ones.

All these applications can be easily downloaded from the internet and stored in a computer, where they do not take up too much space. They can also be centrally collected as to reduce wheel reinvention. Moreover, developers of MicroApps have many resources when it comes to these applications and the ways they could be used, as well as platforms for discussions about this programming approach that becomes more and more popular throughout the computer science world.

Microapps serve a multitude of purposes that may seem simple at first sight, and on closer inspection they are simple, or rather simplify the user’s experience. Some are useful for indicating how much free space remains in a hard drive, others record clipboard history, while others provide easy access to all windows open in a computer. One microapp can alert users of upcoming events in their calendars, while yet another will do nothing but help to keep a desktop organized. The point is that sometimes less is more, and small details can aid in getting larger tasks done in less time and with less effort.

Micro apps are special applications to be installed on a PC for an easier and friendlier online shopping experience. These apps can be powerful tools that can significantly improve an internet businesses. Take for instance an online drug store; if useful micro apps are implemented this would help this business achieve better and more customers would be brought to the website. Learn more about micro apps here.