Existing MicroApps

There are a number of open source MicroApps that a person can use.  Following is a list of some of the more common applications and their functions:

Tasty – A program used for tagging.
Twister – RNG for use in any statistical solution.
Fozzy – Searching through text using the PostGRE SQL engine.
Drinkme – Program to change the size of images and create thumbnails.
Pubcookie – System for a lone signon.
Gossip – A MicroApp developed to use a comment or discussion board system.
Solr – Another search for text, but using Lucene.
YARS – datastorage for Java and RDF/N3

MicroApps for Commercial Use
Amazon S3 – Net-based storage that is built on the REST interface.
Amazon SQS – Queue program to work with S3 on the REST platform.
Captchas.net – Spam blocker for form submission and discussion boards.

Free MicroApps for Hosted Use
Triplr – Creates RDF Triples based on URIs.
Rst2a – Converts text to other formats.
GeoNames – Looks up data about a location, including postal code, GPS positioning, and elevation.
Mailhook – Email listener and forward service.