Microapp Philosophy in a Nutshell

Few people could have predicted how the Internet has exploded in the past twenty years ago. However, with a base of this history, experts now stand a good chance of where the Internet is headed. Most of these industry specialists think that the microapp philosophy will start to blossom more and more, with the result being that most users will complete all of their computer operations online, thus bringing in the cloud computing era. Although many people are still asking what is the cloud, the developers of microapps have long since understood that this is the natural direction that computing theory will take.

Essentially, cloud computing is based around the Internet. Instead of a person using programs to perform operations and access the Internet, all of the programs will actually exist on the Internet. This is where the microapp philosophy comes in. Proponents of microapps believe that it will be a far more effective and efficient process if applications are built that only serve a small purpose. An easy example would be a scientific calculator. In real life, these calculators can be expensive and using them can be quite difficult. However, an online microapp that serves as a scientific calculator will not only be much cheaper, as in free, but will also have handy documentation that can be accessed with a single click.

As computer science researches and developers are hard at work at developing the greatest possible processors and computers, the average home computer user will lose the need for these devices. All of the heavy work will be done with cloud computing and thus the actual machine being used does not need to have the same performance capabilities. In time, the microapp philosophy will eventually succeed and computer users across the world will realize the benefits utilized by these small programs.