Microapp Philosophy

MicroApps are some small REST applications meant to be incorporated in other applications and make the lives of those using such applications comparable to heaven. MicroApps are only useful when incorporated in other applications and on their own most people would not find any benefit from using them. However, from an IT point of view, they are a great way to modify larger applications in the sense of making them do more for the end user without changing the whole philosophy behind these larger applications. The difference between MicroApps and the other REST applications is mainly the fact that unlike the latter, the first cannot be used on their own. Or, there is to say, one does not gain anything by using them separately.

The philosophy behind this webpage was to provide millions of MicroApps passionate with a sort of a server where all the valuable MicroApps could be collected and thus used in further developments. The purpose of the website was to reduce wheel reinvention as this is an effective way of keeping people informed about the latest developments in the field and also making it easier for those interested in the development of MicroApps to use these resources and contribute to the field. The website had also served as a platform on which people all over the world could exchange ideas and opinions because exchange of information is critical in today’s world.

Nevertheless, this website intended for MicroApps enthusiasts provided individuals with the opportunity of benefiting from a Google repository which would store MicroApps. The access to this repository was granted by contacting Anders Peterson, the guy who would add the interested individuals into a database by making use of a Google username. The website used to be everything MicroApps enthusiasts were looking for because it contained the many developments regarding these computer applications.