Microapps And The App Stores

Micro Apps have become the wave of the future as many people have been exposed to at least one and much of the world uses them. Micro Apps like Twitter and Facebook have really revolutionized how people communicate with each other and have done much to improve a person’s chance with keeping up with old acquaintances. When it comes to using Micro Apps the app stores are available from many different networks on the internet. Companies such as Apple and Blackberry have gone head to head in some cases in reeling customers in with the promise of more and better Apps in their App stores. There are many different uses for apps in the busy lives of most Americans in today’s times and their rate of invention and distribution is also on the rise. Many Apps serve the purpose of being purely for entertainment purpose but there are also those that serve functions that are helpful in everyday situations.

There are apps for virtually everything you can imagine including ones that serve the purpose of tagging or tracking a people. Micro apps were created to be used within systems and cannot be used without being integrated into some other system. In many instances micro apps are built with simplicity in mind and it may not take long to come up with a new micro app. Micro Apps in the App store can be built in anywhere from a day to a month and are consumed by many as soon as they come out. The Apple App Store sells a great many of the micro apps on the market. In a time of rapidly expanding technological growth micro apps are seen as necessary to many consumers because they allow a person to have a world of possibilities all at their finger tips and at relatively reasonable prices from the app store.