Online Shopping Experience

Micro apps are special applications designed to be installed on a computer and used with other bigger applications. Micro apps don’t take much space, actually they occupy very limited resources, and they are very useful because they can add different features to certain applications when they are integrated in them. These special apps cannot be used individually.

The main idea behind micro apps is to make the virtual experience easier and friendlier for the user. For example, a micro app can be installed into a calendar application in order to alert the user of upcoming events. Other micro apps are designed to be in charge of desktop maintenance. Another case in which we use micro apps is when we install an instant messaging program. After the installation is done, we get an alert for installing the instant messaging toolbar that comes with a search engine and many other daily features like weather, sports, news and events near us.

Micro apps aren’t popular to the general public because they are considered additional tools. But, in some cases, they can come in handy in the online environment. For example, an online business like an online drug store can invest in such micro apps to make the client’s shopping experience faster and friendly. This effective option will help increase positiveness. The option of having a personal account on website with calendar and feedback options will help users very much. They can create personalized pages with calendar and event options. Micro apps can make the online shopping experience much easier.